Jumbuck Privacy Statement

Jumbuck Entertainment Ltd has a privacy policy, which is set out below and is subject to change as notified on this website. The intention of the Jumbuck Privacy Policy is to articulate when Jumbuck may collect personal information as part of its business activity, what it may do with that information, when that information may be shared with a third party and why, the safeguards in place to guard personal information that Jumbuck may hold, and how Jumbuck may be contacted with respect to a privacy related concern. Jumbuck may have specific privacy policies for certain services as notified therein, in which case this policy only applies to the extent it is consistent with the specific privacy policy.

Collection of Personal Information
Personal information is any information or opinion about an identifiable person. It is Jumbuck policy to carry out its business in a manner that avoids collecting personal information. Most of the company's business is of a business to business nature. Other processes are in place to avoid the use or collection of a person's identity details. Where Jumbuck moderates its services with human moderators, there is the potential for a person's identity details to be used or collected. Any such use or collection of a person's identity details is clearly disclosed to persons subject to human moderation. Where Jumbuck activities extend to provision of direct to public login based services, there is potential for a person's identity details to be used or collected, such as through the registration of a personal email address. Further, where any form or form like process is used on a Jumbuck controlled website, there is potential for a person's identity details to be used or collected, through provision of a personal email address and other details.

Use and Sharing of Personal Information
Jumbuck does not use personal information for its own accord but may use personal information collected as above, for the benefit of providing appropriate moderation services to its customers, as part of any login facility, or to assist with the internal process of service improvement. As mentioned, such moderation is disclosed to persons who may be subject to moderation. So to, the use of any personal information that may be obtained through Jumbuck login based web services is provided for in the particular terms of use for such services. For forms or form like website features, personal information that may be collected is used for the purpose provided in the form instructions and to assist with improving services provided. For moderation, the personal information will be shared with the Jumbuck customer who has requested moderation be provided. Otherwise, Jumbuck does not share personal information it may collect with any third parties unless of course as required by law. Any Jumbuck agent that collects personal information is contractually responsible for maintaining such personal information collected and abiding by appropriate laws. Jumbuck does not seek to collect personal information from any of its agents other than for business purposes and if required. Jumbuck does not sell or otherwise exploit personal information with third parties.

Should Jumbuck retain any personal information, it is policy for the company to maintain such data for only as long as contractually obliged or as required under Statute. The data is maintained by a robust password protected and fire-walled storage system with limited access by Jumbuck officers. There are electronic and physical safeguards in place to prevent loss, misuse, or alteration of any information stored on Jumbuck systems. Any sharing of personal information, should it occur, is protected by privacy and confidentiality undertakings.

Access to Personal Information
Due to the nature of the services provided, Jumbuck does not seek to use or collect personal information, other than as set out above.

For enquiries contact:
SVP Counsel
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For further information about privacy please contact
Australian Federal Privacy Commissioner